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Celine Kegeleirs

Celine Kegeleirs, was born in 1978 in Uccle, graduated in

photography from the "L'école de photographie de la ville de

Bruxelles" in 2002.Travel, colour and photography have

always been an integral part of her universe. She specializes

in macrophotography and through it photographic technique in

its most primary sense.The rigour and the sense of detail are

very impregnated in her gaze.


By mastering different techniques, chromatic distortion effects, colorimetric intensity technique and others, Celine Kegeleirs manages to create a vivid color rendering and a certain form of abstraction in a very manual way.


After more than 20 years of experience in the field of photography, she works on analogies and contrasts that she particularly likes. Games of bright colors, softness, touch on the one hand with macros of plants and on the other hand the passion, the embrace, the sensuality but also the tearing through close-ups in black and white of dancers creating a cadence in the reading of his work.


She uses glass supports, printing by a particular process allowing to have a depth that much more intense on her photographs.

Founder of the collective: “Active 4 ART”. Young collective formed of 4 photographers having the same passion and the same desire to invest in a collective memory approach.

Balthasar Brussels , Sablon, Brussels, August 2020: « Her eye for detail is extraodinary. Celine is able to capture the emotion in the photo like no one else can. She distinguished herself from other photographers by using a specific technique, bringing her colors alive. Proud owner of the young collective, Active4Art, you better keep on eye on them… As you ain’t seen nothing yet. »


A committed photographer, she uses photography as a means to denounce the condition of women and the violence committed to them through several projects including a presentation at the Theatre of Life during the Festival of Creation «Que du Bonheur». And at the exhibition «Regards de Femmes», in Schaerbeek where she exhibits these photographs on cubes of human greatness.


'Photographing as a reminder that prompts personal reflection and moves away from the prejudiced, predicated ideas that we would like to be seen as undeniable. Committed, it allows us to get closer to our emotions, to rediscover humanity in us, we who are, human beings above all." 



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